Tips for Creating a Great Poster

Posters are an evergreen and important communication tool, used to give information to the public. Posters speak for themselves. Depending on the purpose of the communication, here are certain points to keep in mind while creating one.

Start with getting all the information you want to communicate onto a piece of paper. This should include points that need to be highlighted. You need to know that a poster contains minimum, but important information. After you are done brainstorming, filter out relevant information.

Graphic representation
Using the right graphic is the key. Your graphic is the first thing that grabs attention towards the poster. Have an interesting graphic with the correct set of colors and half your work is done in creation of the poster.

Use good fonts
You can create your own fonts or use existing fonts that match your design. Do not use a font that is not easy to read. Sans-serifs are always a great option to use. Remember, using too many fonts can destroy your poster.

Call to action
The main purpose of your poster is to attract people, give them information and for them to finally reach out to you. A ‘call to action’ asks your audience to take action. It must be clearly stated, either have your phone number or email id or even a QR code.

Keep it Simple
Last but not the least, keep your poster clean and simple. Cluttering it with a lot of information does no good. Too much text on a poster is never a good idea. No one has the time to read every line. So the golden rule is ‘Keep it short, crisp and simple’.

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