10 tips for choosing magazine designs & layout

What makes a magazine a best seller? Many of us think that best-selling magazines are called the best solely because of the content which is not the complete truth. Design of cover page, quality of pages, colour, size & style of text these are some main elements which contribute initially when purchasing.
In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main elements that are important in choosing magazine designs & layout. Scroll down to know more.

Pick a topic and Title

Firstly, an important thing for publishing of magazine is to pick your topic for the magazine. If you select the topic main title choosing is related to that topic like nature related, fashion related, or sports-related so mainly attraction point of your magazine is the title of your magazine and the subtitle of your magazine also.
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Cover Designs

The most stunning and delight full magazines always have great covers. An attention-seeking magazine cover design is essential for selling your magazine to readers and inviting them to explore deeper into the publication.

Content pages

The most important pages after the cover are the content page. It is the first page of the reading after the content page. The content pages should be severe and allow the reader to find articles easily. If your magazine has a large amount of content


Some of the most effective magazine designs use colour very frugally. You need to use wisely colour for your magazines. To make a page pop you can match colours very well and the use of single colours also makes the magazine classy. Text colour also plays a very vital role because it has the power to change the effect of the look of your magazine. For remarkable results you can select some beautiful bright colours but make certain you do not overemphasize it. Make sure the colours used in your magazine are attractive and effective. Remember the most important thing in colour is pop of colour never hurts the reader’s eyes.


An expressing cover can look unique and voguish and is a good choice for tech, arts, and design titles. To print and design magazine gather and submerges ideas. Make sure that ideas should inspirational. To attract eyes you will be sure with abstract graphics. The use of graphics helps you to promote your brand look for publication.

Digital look

Introduce arrows and dividers to direct the flow of the article like if you are using a hexagon so to read the article use arrows how you put the article divided into parts.

Attention with pull quotes

The cover makes the magazine attractive and gives a glimpse of your magazine of which type it is of fashion, sports or any theme but pull quotes can be used for giving flavour to the articles to make article reading more effective. Design of your pull quotes gives an impact on readers’ minds so definitely worth it for settling efforts.


The image must take up a more remarkable portion of the magazine that conveys and express a message. The image used for the cover is more attractive because it is the attention point of the audience to purchase a magazine. Some people buy magazines for pictures so use stunning photography in your magazine. For example, nature magazines’ attraction point is nature images related to the sea, trees etc. similarly fashion magazines use fashion images because images play a primary role in magazines and text plays a secondary role.

Use of white space

Don’t try to keep the desire to fill every page from top to bottom. To make your magazine stylish leave white space, it makes your design very stylish but helps to draw the eye to the content you want your readers to be aiming at.

Create a style theme

Your whole magazine comprises elements such as shape, colour, and typography to make your magazine look professional.


 In brief and delicate words, the tips which I mentioned above give a good amount of ideas to designers for creative magazine covers. However, there might still be a lot more techniques that still have to be a prospect. All you have to do is with a lot of fresh ideas. When you publish your magazine try to keep the audience in your mind. Concentrate on every part of your magazine from the cover page to the last page. For the audience every part of magazine is important but focus on the title of your magazine and colour contrast of it and also the background of images.