6 Tips to Make Proofreading Easy

Have you ever cringed at errors in a magazine, newspaper, brochure or just anything for that matter? Though overlooked and often disregarded, proofreading any document is incredibly important. A necessary step in pre production, proofreading can make the difference between correct communication and failed communication.

Here are a few tips for you to consider while proof reading.

Read your document thrice: For punctuation, grammar and spellings separately. By focusing one thing, you’re bound to find more mistakes, making your time invested in proofreading worth it.

Be wary of punctuation marks: Every period, comma, colon, semicolon and apostrophe holds its own importance. Remember, placing punctuation incorrectly can completely change the meaning of the sentence.

Read your work out loud: When you use 3 senses of your body – sight, touch and hearing it is easier to spot errors. Reading each word individually increases the odds of finding a typo. When you read, misplaced commas are easier to spot.

Edit a hard-copy: Proofread a printed version of your work. It is easier to mark errors and work on paper. Working on a soft-copy of your document might increase chances of missing errors.

Take a break: If possible, take an hour before you re-read your work. If you clear your mind it becomes easier to spot errors take a better approach and focus on your work.

Concentration is key: Get rid of distractions and potential interruptions. If you’re going to spot mistakes, then you need to concentrate.

Done right, proofreading is the key to good work. We pay utmost attention to proofreading our work. Write to us on navpacknprint@yahoo.com or call us on +91 894 690 3000.