Choosing The Most Appropriate Paper For Printing

Deciding which paper to use is an important factor in any printing process. It is not about choosing the most expensive, but about choosing the most appropriate quality based on your needs. One size does not fit all and one type of sheet is definitely not suitable for all printing processes. Factors like batch of paper, ink coverage and moisture in the air affect production of any printed material.

So what are the top points to keep in mind while considering and selecting paper for printing? We have compiled a list for you.

Designers input

When creating your next business card or brochure consult your designer at the early stage itself. For every piece of paper you print there is a designer or a copy writer, who compile elements that need to be printed on a page. Consulting saves you time and gives you a clearer picture on what type of paper to use.

Lifespan of end product

The lifespan of paper is an important factor to consider when choosing paper. If there is a brochure that will be used rigorously, it becomes easier to select the quality of paper. If something like a poster has a lifespan of only a few days, it is advisable to invest in a less expensive sheet.

Availability of paper

How accessible is the paper you have in mind? If your deadline is close, it is best to go with the next best option. Look for stock that is available and best suits your timing and pricing.

Printing process

Depending on the type of printing technique (embossing, foil stamping or letterpress), it’s important that your paper can withstand those processes. Certain types of paper cannot undergo such techniques.

End usage & distribution

Keep the finishing of the paper in mind and its usage. Longevity, durability, type of binding required, weight and color of the paper are other factors to consider while selecting paper.

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