Hamper Boxes for Every Occasion

If you did not know it already, gifting is an art. Gifting does not always need an occasion but when it does, a gift hamper box delights like none other. Gift baskets are one of those universal gift ideas that you can make for close family and friends or even for people you don’t know well. Everyone loves surprises and opening up a hamper is always a joy.

You can have a lot of fun with the contents and themes of your hamper box depending on the occasion, here are a few ideas:

Birthdays are evergreen, no matter what your age. While packing a birthday hamper you can have something sweet like chocolates, biscuits and jams or savoury like nuts, chutneys, chili sauces etc. A personal note is always a nice way to finish your box.

Weddings are a special occasion for any individual, gifting therefore becomes as important. Understanding the bride and groom is the first thing to do. Adding things like fragrant candles, grooming essentials, chocolates and wine make for a perfect gift hamper.

Think romantic! You can add a bottle of Champagne or chocolates or you think out of the box and package tickets to a romantic movie. You can always place some photographs of the couple, bringing back happy memories.

Get Well Soon
A gift hamper can lighten the mood and boost immunity. Put in some healthy food, fruits, a music CD or a comic book. A personal note again brings a smile to the patient’s face.

Looking to arrange a gift hamper or an apparel box for a close one? You can customise or choose from our existing designs. Reach out to us and have our experts guide you choose the best hamper box. Write to us on navpacknprint@yahoo.com or call us on +91 894 690 3000