How Commercial Printing Makes Its Mark in a Digital World?

When you scroll through your social media, you come across a number of ads Right? But how many ads do you actually remember the very next day? Exactly, digital platforms have a plethora of information & we are continuously consuming a lot of information which makes it very hard to remember.

Whereas print media offers very limited & useful information that you did read last time and there are fair chances that you remember it. There are several types of printing that brands still use to generate awareness in the market. Read below to learn more:

Some of the Print Media Advantages

• Limited piece of information.
• Fewer Chances of Scams
• No misleading information
• No security & privacy issues

It’s never print VS Digital It’s Print and Digital

Digital marketing needs a complementary power of print marketing when it comes to placing an actual price of the product in the market.

Print marketing is a widely successful channel that your company must be working with. As it offers allows you to reach your target audience wherever they are.

According to research almost 80% of people take action against direct mail advertisements in comparison to the 45% who take action against digital advertisements. Print is far from dead!

Different types of commercial printings are available

  • Offset lithography
  • Digital
  • Large format
  • Led UV

Offset lithography

In this, a printing plate contains an image that you want to print. The great thing about this is that you can print on any flat surface like paper, cardboard, or even plastic, etc. this commercial printing technique is used for printing books, newspapers, posters, etc.


This is a printing technique using digital or electronic files from a digital storage device. This printing does not depend on any press plate. Due to low manufacturing cost digital printing overcome

lithography. The main advantage is the removal of the printing plate and thus helps in reducing time, effort, and money. Digital printing makes use of vector images which are sent directly to the printer with help of automated files and graphics software applications.

There are many profits when you connect with digital provides faster, better quality, and low-cost offset printing. In digital printing distortion of images does not occur, unlike screen printing. Digital printing is used for print labels, newsletters, banners, etc.

Large format

It is part of everyone’s daily life. for example, billboards, advertisements on buses, taxis, and on-site hoardings. It requires much larger printers than standard units. This is also known as wide-format printing because we use wide format printers in this type of printing.

It can be difficult to forecast the cost of printing because of the size of the graphics, and the material being used. All of these things vary the cost. This printing is not easy to print, a specialist printing supplier is required to print. The material used in large format printing are papers, vinyl, metals, fabrics, etc. This is used in wallpapers, floor graphics, laminating and mounting, exhibition graphics, and more.

Led UV

It is the advanced version of UV printing technology. In this tiny ink droplets forms an image on the part. This is a unique technology.

Advantages of led UV printing

Faster Drying For A Quicker Turnaround

This method is the unique printer method called UV curing. This light is used for drying. Older printing methods made coating shrink, they were not good for the environment so this is a much better option. The quality is perfect in it.


The process improves the reverse time and helps the ink keep its depth of colors and quality. This method reduces power and reduces use between jobs and reduces overall co2 emission. This is an important advantage for business because your business is environment-friendly. It is a great method for building a connection with your audience.

Material Versatility

Lux also has a unique quality that LED UV can print on, providing a sober, classic appearance thanks to the ultra-thick, triple layered card. Silk is a demanded choice when it comes to luxury because of the low surface sheen which helps the colors appear brighter and more described.

Consistently High-Quality Finishes

An LED UV printer uses the special drying method. To make sure that your company receives luxury booklets of the highest quality. In This no anti-set off powder spray is needed so there’s no dust, no defects and no markings ever appearing on your booklet.

Once printed, you and your readers will be left gravely impressed with the superior quality that instantly catches attention. It’s important that you’re providing readers with a quality booklet, as they can quickly assume that low-quality materials will result in poor service. The quality analogous to your brand is in the reader’s hands, so it’s the perfect time to make a belief.


Commercial printing is a part of the daily life of everyone because we read many postcards, booklets, newsletters, and catalogs. People take interest in these things. Commercial printing market growth increases day by day and the future growth of this printing market is remarkable because the cost is high but it is more economic and accuracy is higher. This printing technology replaces offset printing technology.