Some benefits of web offset printing, which you should know

Whenever the term offset occurs an urge to ask a question occurs in everyone’s mind what exactly is web offset printing & what are the benefits? The web offset printing process involves a continuous process of feeding a roll of paper through a printing press. This is different from sheet-fed printing, which uses individual sheets of paper that are pre-cut and then fed into the press.

There are two types of web offset printing:

Heat set: – After the paper is printed, the ink dries, passing the printed paper through an oven. This process is used in magazines, catalogs, and other high-quality printing products.

Cold set: – During this process, the ink gradually dries through evaporation and absorption. Cold press is widely used in newspapers and is one of the most economical forms of printing.

When it comes to images, this type of print job requires you to print the image you want to reproduce on a plate, which is then pressed against a rubber blanker that rolls over the material, eventually creating the image on the paper. Hence the term “displacement”.

Web offset printing is best suited for high-volume publications such as mass-market books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs and brochures. Most commercial catalog, magazine, and book printing is done on web offset presses.

In web offset printing, text ad images are applied to plates. After that, they are transferred to a rubber blanket, and then to paper. Offset web printing does not produce harmful chemicals and is ideal for long runs due to its speed, low cost, flexibility and consistent quality! There are some benefits of web offset printing.

1. Speed: –
Web offset presses use large rolls of paper that are cut off during or after printing. These presses can print tens of thousand of feet of paper per hour without the need for operators to constantly reload them with pre-cut sheets. With a web offset press, making large quantities of copies of a catalog or magazine is quick and easy. Technicians can also quickly change plates, greatly improving the efficiency of daily production.

2. Economy: –
Rolls of paper are typically about half the cost of pre-cut paper, so web offset presses can produce high-quality prints at a low cost. They can also accept thinner, less expensive paper for magazines and similar publications. It all depends on the needs of a particular project and the customer’s vision of the final product.
Do you need to complete a print job fast enough? Another benefit of choosing web offset printing is time and efficiency. Roll-to-roll printers use rolls of paper, not sheets of paper. This improves the speed and efficiency of the printing process.

Using offset printing for your project is very cost-effective. If you need to produce a large number of quality prints, this is the smart choice.

3. Flexibility: –
Roll-fed offset printers can also perform additional tasks such as cutting, folding, and punching paper. Fuser web presses have drying lamps like a large oven to quickly set the ink for a high-quality image. Solo printing web offset presses are one of the latest models available, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

4. Stable quality: –
When your print service uses the latest technologies and native advanced interface systems, you can always count on high-quality results and fast turnaround times. With high-tech web presses such as the 6-section Komori 38 S, unsurpassed quality is achieved with a full range of options such as:

Folding and sheet options online
Auto number
Closed-loop color
Water and adhesive and much more!

5. Ideal for large scale printing: –
One of the main advantages of offset printing is the high volume of printing you can do with consistent results. If you want to print something on a large scale, offset printing allows you to use larger proportions than sheetfed without sacrificing quality.

6. Pantone color matching: –
If your project requires the use of a Pantone machine system, offset printing can provide you with the most accurate match. Another advantage of web offset printing is that if you only need to print in black and white, the cost will be much lower and you will save money.