The best offset printing trends for the upcoming Republic Day

For Indians, the day on which our constitution was ratified is known as “Republic Day.” This is a national holiday that is celebrated almost everywhere in India. It is also a good time for businesses to show their true patriotism through their products and services.

On Republic Day, Navpack&Print, which provides the best printing services in Jaipur, is letting you know about the top printing trends that will impress your audience and make your company look better.

Top offset printing techniques you can use  on Republic Day
  • Invitations to celebrations or other activities
  • Flyers promoting the limited-time sale of goods and services
  • Items packaged with a touch of patriotism
  • The Republic Day poster is used as a hoarding.
  • Customized ticket/entry pass to any event
  • T-shirt/Cap Customized
  • Tricolor carry bags with custom printing
Invitation cards –

Republic Day is a national holiday, and it is celebrated in various ways, like organizing cultural events and social gatherings, or any kind of sports game. The invitation cards with the Republic Day theme will have a fascinating effect that reaches out to the real patriots.

Print advertisements for the goods and services –

The most effective method of promoting a brand’s goods and services is through flyers. The company may give its clients discounts or freebies on this unique occasion. The moment has come to free people from the high prices of goods and services.

Packaging products with patriotic touches –

If you are packing brand-name goods, bring the small details of this event that directly relate to the ideas of loyalty and patriotism. Brands must periodically change or consumers will remember them, and these stand-out changes will keep you in style.

Greeting cards –

It’s necessary to celebrate, but how you do it is up to you. Another useful tool for establishing cordial contact with the customer is a greeting card. Before the audience enters the event, someone can meet them with a greeting card as a memento. The waiter can also greet customers with greeting cards in restaurants.

Because we made this type of greeting card only once in our lives when we were children, this is the ideal technique to amaze the audience.

Poster –

Brands can make posters for products and services to give away and put them on hoardings. For example, the best seasonal sale with a big discount on Republic Day would be a good example of this.

Entry pass or tickets –

Printing personalized entry tickets will help the event or cultural festival organizers keep things moving forward.

T-shirts, tote bags, and hats –

During this time, there are several marathons in which many brands and their employees take part. You can create personalized T-shirts and caps for such an event to represent them in a unique way. Additionally, you can provide unique carry bags for your clients’ daily-use products.

Finishing –
People still prefer print over digital, which makes the offset printing sector unavoidable. If you are in charge of a brand and intend to produce print materials for the next Republic Day, now is the time to choose thebest printing press in JaipurThe bestoffset printing services in Jaipur, Navpack, uses personalized and eye-catching prints to get people to buy a certain product.