Tips for Printing the Best Business Card

business card is the first lasting information you give about your company. Hence, it is essential that you make a lasting impression in front of your target customers. To summarize a perfect business card, it should be well-designed and understandable.

Following are 10 tips to master the art of making a perfect business card:

The Obvious

This involves Why, Who, What and Where – The essentials. You need to make sure that the company name/logo, your name, designation etc are displayed clearly. You need to think carefully to strike a perfect balance between enough information and too much information.

Readable Content

Any business card, no matter how beautifully it is designed is only worth as much as the information put on it. Hence it is very important that the content is large enough for it to be clearly visible. Small text often looks decent on screen but turns into a nightmare on that small card.


Sometimes people are tempted to use some unusual material for their business card. While this creates a lasting impression, practicality and feasibility of this is very important. Using metal or wood costs much more than necessary.

The Golden Area

Printers usually depict a “golden area” which is right in the centre of the card occupying almost 25% of the total surface area. Keep the most important information inside that area.

Paper Thickness

There is a general perception that thickness of the paper is directly proportional to the importance of the business card. Generally the thickness should me more than 300 gsm, anything less than that seems rather thin.

Avoid Borders

Borders on business cards should be avoided. On your screen you may see a completely symmetrical border but one minute deflection on the machine and your borders turn uneven, and then the card looks awkward to say the least.

Make it more Visual

It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words, business cards are no exception. Perhaps a little image of your product or something innovative related to your business should do the trick.


It is advisable to keep the color of your business card in line with the color used in remaining branding activities. Make sure that the color of the background compliments color of the text. Clashing colors look really unprofessional.


Nothing raises the elegance of a business card like embossing. If you think your card is too plain or dull, apply embossing to get a 3D effect on your card.

QR Codes

This is the odd man out but using QR codes in your business card is a really good way to give a lot of information about your company in little space. There are many QR code generators available on the internet for free. Worth giving a shot! If you are looking for business card printing services near you, Navpack N Print is one of the reputed printing companies in Jaipur..