Tips to Make Attractive Brochures

Highly effective brochures can define your company and what it can do for your customers. A brochure gives credibility and an identity to your company. It informs and encourages a customer to know a little more about your business.

A well designed brochure is a challenge for graphic designers; here are a few tips to consider.

Limit your fonts

Keep your font styles to the minimum. The cleaner font you use, the better. Simple fonts are easy to read and more pleasing to the eye. Using too many fonts can distract the reader, making him loose interest.

Be creative, be unique

Think out of the box, take the unconventional route if you haven’t. Do something different. Take inspiration from everyday things around you, use images that re-define the style of your brochure. But remember, not to clutter.

Add appropriate images

Using images that capture your attention the first time you see them, takes your brochure a long way. Images must be apt and in-sync with the content of your brochure. Try to stay away from free images available online. Get a fresh shoot done and create something of your own.

Avoid big words

Complicated words that are unfamiliar to most readers can lead to confusion.
The best is not to use them in your content or your headlines. Use simple language, easy to read and understand.

Keep what works

When designing, you will come across many elements; the key is to discard what is not important and to keep what you think works for the overall brochure design. You can play with different colors and styles to maintain a good design.

Add a call-to-action

The purpose of your brochure is to inform potential customers, at the same time you need to get them to contact you. Adding the correct call-to-action increases your chances of the customer reaching out to you. Make sure that the name, website, contact information, and email of your business are visible in the brochure. This is what will bring you potential business.

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