Top Fonts To Use When Creating Advertisements Boards

Hand-choosing the appropriate font while creating a commercial print plays a crucial role in the creation of advertising boards. But do you know the right font to create an advertisement board? 

Every font has a purpose, and it creates a unique impact on your offset printing in Jaipur design. Whether it is about large-scale or small-scale brands, every brand needs to learn the popular typefaces. There is a vast selection of typefaces accessible, and many of them are also popular. If you’d like to learn more about font choices in printed promotional materials, you should start here. Here, we are going to discuss the background, significance, and several applications of this font type for different target markets. 


Here is a list of the top typefaces you want to take into account when writing advertisements:

Let’s say you have a banner or brochure advertising your business on the billboard, but it needs to be clearly visible from a distance. The situation would then make the audience’s decision to buy more difficult. Using the appropriate font to make the text more visible and aesthetically pleasing in this situation becomes vital to improving the customer’s experience. That is the power of typeface. Let’s understand more about them below – 

Serif fonts

The Times of New York newspaper has the best application and illustration of serif type. Serif fonts have been widely employed in printed ads since the 15th century. The advantage of using a serif font is that it is readable, formal, and historic. According to history, the “rise of advertising” began in the 17th century, and this typeface lends a sense of reliability and builds authority. Serif typefaces have gone through several iterations since the turn of the 20th century, and as new styles emerge, the majority of the older styles become less relevant.

Serif typefaces can be used in headings, body text, logos, slogans, and many other places. Serif typefaces enhance the advertisement’s overall elegance and give it credibility and authority. Do you wish to grab the audience’s attention and encourage more clicks? Then, without pausing, give this font a try.

Sans serif fonts

This typeface was hand-selected first if you want your business to have a youthful, contemporary, and clean appearance. When Google unveiled its logo in 2005, it did so with a sans-serif font to give it a contemporary feel. This font, which has been in use since the 18th century, is dominating brand owners’ thoughts. Serif typefaces are most frequently used in print, online design, signage, branding, and logos. Sans serif fonts are evidence that the adage “Old is gold” is true and that this is the best way for firms to attract customers. Sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Gotham, and Futura are more examples.

Here are some descriptions of the characteristics of sans-serif fonts:

  • Seems contemporary and formal.
  • Simple and bold
  • Readable
  • Versatile   

This is a different subcategory of the Sans Serif typeface, which is still quite popular and continues their long history of fonts. It has been in use since 1957 and is currently the most well-known font in history. The perfect illustration of this font’s logos is seen in the BMW, Panasonic, and Verizon logos, making an original and genuine representation of the message. Helvetica is renowned for keeping everything in proportion and adding clarity to a brand’s messaging. 

This typeface can be used for the following things for the best experience:

Helvetica provides the audience with a clear and understandable experience; therefore, it can be utilized for the body content. This is also utilized as a heading for printed content because of how bold it is. Additionally, this typeface can be used for branding. Helvetica has successfully ruled for more than six years.

Want to make a brand advertisement that exudes modernity and simplicity? If so, this font is the best option for you.

Script Font 

This typeface is ideal to use on printed materials if you intend to produce an advertisement for a wedding or other traditional event. This font is referred to as ornamental and is typically used for private purposes. Personalization in branding is essential since it ensures that the branding message is human. This script font gives the printed document a magical touch in such a situation. Use this lovely typeface to draw attention anywhere, from packaging to commercials to social media graphics.


Fonts are crucial to the success or failure of a brand’s new printing project, and you need to connect with the expert who offers the best printing services in Jaipur. They will suggest the best typeface that meets the needs of your next commercial design. Popular fonts that are still in demand and can produce a standout appearance are suggested above. These fonts will definitely help you deliver the right message to your audience. Popular brands frequently use these fonts, so it’s time for you to print an advertisement using these chic and contemporary fonts.