Why Your Business Can Benefit from Digital Printing

There are several types of printing from which to pick. Digital printing is one of the most recent breakthroughs. People are frequently shocked to learn that this doesn’t only apply to printing from a computer. When compared to other printing options, digital printing is a large and significant sector that offers a number of significant benefits.


The form of printing that most people associate with the term “digital printing” was developed in 1925, then further developed in 1951 and 1969. Real digital printing, on the other hand, didn’t exist until 1991.

When should you use digital printing

Although all types of print jobs may be completed with digital printing, small batch print runs and print runs where part or all of the prints need to be customized benefit the most from this technique.

Digital printing can be more expensive per page than offset printing, however the main exception is when you are not printing in large quantities.

  1. Paper:Typically, only certified stock made specifically for digital printing is needed, however depending on the printing firm you pick, they could use non-certified paper instead.
  2. Superior:Digital printing features very high-quality black and white printing that is comparable to offset printing in terms of quality.
  3. Speed:
    Digital printing is substantially speedier because there is no need for plates or ink mixing.
  4. Low Costs: Digital printing has very low setup fees, no minimum print numbers, and no plate costs. Even bindings can be performed on certain machines.
  5. Print what you need: Small- to medium-sized print projects are perfect for digital printing.
  6. On Demand:
    Digital printing works well for alterations and last-minute print projects.
  7. Variable Data:
    Digital printing allows for the use of variable data. In other words, the method may be adjusted from one item to the next without affecting its speed or quality. This means that each item may be customized, which is a great advantage for direct mail marketing. A recent poll found that over 90% of millennials believe direct mail advertising to be trustworthy, therefore being able to effectively send personalized letters is essential.

How does the quality of digital printing compare?

Each individual dot that makes up the image may be controlled extremely precisely with digital printing. This implies that you may obtain incredibly clear, crisp photographs that most people believe appear superior to other print formats.

The intensity of the colors and the distance between image composition dots serve as the two key determinants of print quality. The great thing about digital printing is that, if your photographs were created correctly in the first place, you won’t notice any “posterization” in your images, even on enormous billboard-sized prints.

What Can Your Business Gain?

The benefits of digital printing for your company are countless. As we’ve already covered, given the outstanding quality of the end output, it’s quick and economical. What you see is what you’ll get when you receive a printed proof since it is generated on the same machinery that will be utilized for the whole print run.

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