Designing Party Invitation Cards

Every now and then we are organizing events, parties, special gatherings of people we love. Inviting them with a boring call or text is so primitive. So, specially crafted and printed party invitation cards are the way to go for many. These cards also make the invitee excited about the party, and signal your effort into making it spectacular as hosts too.

Coming to the How to design party invitation cards, all you need is an idea and a great printing company in your area. If you are near Jaipur, Rajasthan – you need not worry. Our team at NavPack can handle all your printing requests in house.

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Designing Party Invitation Cards

Your Big Idea – Reason to Party

Put your heart out in your invite and also try to make it personal for every guest. This works well for birthday invitation cards and even small house get together. You can draw and get them printed from a printing company easily. They can cut, finish and even gloss them up to look amazing.

Color and Special Shades

The theme of the party invitation card is clear from the color scheme and special shades being used. If it is for some children’s party, lots of bubbly colors are used, if it is a drinks and dance party a lot of lingo and disco-ish feel is added. You can get as customizable as you want with specially printed invitation cards.

Shape of Invite

If it is a romantic occasion hear shaped invites are commonly used. But you can also use any different shape you want. Also if it is for a special occasion adding that element in the invite makes it more fun. For example: My neighbor sent me initiation card shaped of a PokeBall, because it was his 5 year boy’s birthday ceremony. Fun right!

Your Creativity

Not everyone has that bent of mind. Do not let your inhibitions pull you from this one. Take help from friends and family to get it done in a great way. Still confused? Get in touch with our printing consultations. They are exactly who you are looking for.

Budget – Small Job or Bulk Printing

Printing party invites and cards can be cheaper if the numbers are higher. But if the numbers are less then <10, you will have to keep a higher budget in mind. Offset printing services in Jaipur offers various types of printing services like visiting cards, business cards, catalogue, carry bags, paper bags, etc.