How to Select a Reliable Catalogue/Brochure & Prospectus Printing Company in Jaipur?

Making the right choice when it comes to selecting a printing company in Jaipur can be tough. There are many players who come across as printing companies and you might get confused, when it is the time to make a choice. Multiple offerings and sweet promises are made before a sale is closed. So how one as a customer can make up their mind and make it right?

We suggest, before giving your orders for printing catalogues, brochures, prospectuses to just any printing company in Jaipur it is really important to check if they are reliable or not.

What makes a Catalogue/Brochure & Prospectus Printing Company Reliable?
Number one problem of many new printing companies in Jaipur is that they do not understand the market and its customers. They focus on cost cutting and because of this they deliver poor quality. Printing requires years of experience as it is an art and takes time to master it. What makes a printing company reliable is its decade of experience servicing and delivering to big clients. The name they have created for themselves over the years alone must speak volumes for them in appreciation. Customers love such printing partners and keep coming back.

Whereas new players who are hungry for business sign the deal at low costs and then when it comes down to delivery are unable to fulfil expectations. This is a serious flaw and if you are looking for a reliable catalogue printing company try to notice this beforehand. If the printing company has no prior experience in printing catalogues, brochures and prospectus for various clients, chances are they will not do a great job with your project too.

Catalogue/Brochure & Prospectus Printing Company in Jaipur – Things to know before you select

To make your selection process easier we give you 5 tips. These are essentials to check before you select your catalogue printing company in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

1. Attention to detail
Good and reliable printing companies know that printing a catalogue is a job that must be done sincerely. Not just design but the typefaces of the wordings and blurbs need to be properly aligned. It calls for 100% attention to detail on the part of the printing company you hire for your catalogue printing job. A brochure, prospectus tell your customer about your brand’s products and services – you cannot go wrong and do away with making mistakes in your prints. To gain customers catalogue printing must be done correctly and with proper finishing. So, you must check previous work of the printing company you meet and see if they have made it a point to be attentive to minute details. Scan their work and you will know.

2. Body of Work & Clientele
For example: You are a restaurant and you need catalogues, menu and brochure for your new banquets, dining hall and BAR. You will benefit a lot and save explanation time if your printing company has worked in the same industry before. Hence knowing and discussing their body of work and clientele gives you a clear idea of what to expect from your printing partner. This builds trust and shows them print jobs done by them in the past.

3. Catalogue/Brochure & Prospectus Variety
Different kinds of papers, printing ink colors, cutting and finishing are available these days. To make outstanding catalogues you must ensure that your printing partner has a lot of diversity and variety in all these sections. A good catalogue is a combination of right color combination, branding and typography – which is glossed, cut and folded beautifully.

4. Cost-Effective
We cannot stress any further but the rates must be competitive as per the market. You cannot pay anyone ridiculously high just because they are great at printing. The rates must be according to the local market of Jaipur. Many start-ups and SME’s have strict budgets for their marketing collateral and your printing partner need to understand this.

5. Turnaround Time
Reliability is synonymous with trusting someone regarding on-time delivery of a very important service. So, discuss turnaround time for your catalogues and brochures before so that you are never late for your marketing gigs. Your printing partner must take the lead here and finish the job correctly and deliver at your door-step immediately.

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