Important Elements in a Good Business Card!

Despite of all the advancements in technology, some things that will always remain irreplaceable-business card is one example of it. Business cards are still part of the branding exercise that is used widely by marketers to beat the competition.
Marketing experts say that cards not merely hold your details like email, contact, name, address but also it speaks for the business by leaving an impression on the client. So, it is pertinent that you plan every designing element like color, typeface, space, image, logo, etc.
In this article, we are going to discuss the main elements of an effective business card.
Tips for creating an effective business card

Target your Audience and Industry
The first hack of creating an effective visiting card is to target a specific group or industry. Select colors, themes and patterns according to your niche that will eventually make your card easily relatable to your business & also paves a way to market your product. Like, associate colors and fonts that are majorly used in your particular field.
Make sure it is easy to Read
Readability is the main element, don’t miss that. If you have a lot of information to display, just ensure that your texts are large enough to read with enough spaces to not look congested. Also, your logo should be simple, straightforward, and complement your business category.
IBusiness-Cards-Visiting-Cards-Printingnclude the most Important Information
The main purpose of the business card is to create awareness of your brand what you offer as a business to your clients. It is not meant to contain all information but is short, crisp, and useful for your clients that it will direct them to learn more about your brand. Make sure you include the following:
Your Name
Company Name
Job Title
Contact Information
(Phone number, email address, contact address, and social media pages)
Follow Basic Design Guidelines
Just ensure that you are following basic design guidelines after all your business card is a piece of printed material, including:
Font size that is easily readable.
300 dpi for the best image reproduction.
Main copy at least 5mm from the edge of the trim.

Be Creative with Color and Print
Your business card must be unique as well as related to the industry you work in. Select colors and designs that are relevant to your business and use them creatively that they emphasize the brand in the market. Just think that you are a seller of luxury products, select colors, patterns, and designs that highlight your business. The choice of paper stock only can tell a lot about your product and services.
Communicate Effectively
Communicate in the language of the target market audience. Make it in a way that it leaves a lasting memory of your business with effective brand awareness by expressing the main product or service your business offers clearly and uniquely.
Avoid Mistakes by Proofreading before Printing
Any errors and mistakes on your business card will make you look unprofessional. Remember that your business card speaks for your profession and is considered to be the most important identity. So always check for errors and ensure that you proofread it before signing off on the printer.
Hire a Professional Printer.
Professionally printed business cards can inspire a solid relationship and trust from the very beginning. By printing a quality business card, you promise a quality-oriented product and services.
Leave a lot of Blank Space
Leaving sufficient space is an important factor as it increases readability and leaves space to breathe. Always ensure that you are printing only necessary information related to your business and ensure that all the content is arranged appropriately that leaves some space.
Sell your Brand with a Positioning Statement
A positioning statement is something that defines your brand values, beliefs and that helps people in differentiating you from the competitors. When you add a positioning statement, it builds a solid foundation with your potential clients.

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